TIP #1 - Prepare

Don't leave all your packing till moving day. Spending an hour a day packing for 3 weeks before moving day, will make life so much easier on moving day. And mark on the top and side of each box, what's in it. This way if you do need something later, you can find it quickly. Go one step further, number the boxes as well and keep a record sheet for all your boxes. You'll be glad you did!

TIP #2 - Space

How much space you really need? You can rent storage vaults in all different sizes. Itís best to opt for a smaller storage vault and pack it to the ceiling rather than pay for space youíre not using. If you fill it and do require more, you can always add on a second smaller Storage vault and the plus side, 2 access doors make it easier to get to things when you need them.


TIP #3 - Climate Controlled

This is Winnipeg, Not Florida. Always store your furniture in a heated storage space. If it's not heated, wooded furniture will delaminate or peel, priceless family photos will curl and crack. And couches and beds will become moldy. Avoid disaster. Only Store in a Heated Storage Space!

TIP #4 - Proper Packing

If you are storing a couch, place a piece of cardboard in the back corner on the floor and flip your sofa upright. This will give you the Maximum floor space for other items. Place heavy or bulky items in the Storage Vault next, to provide a solid stacking base. Make a list of items you may need most often and keep these boxes at the front, closest to the door for easy access. Fill dresser drawers and wardrobes with clothes and small boxes to Maximize storage space.

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