Q: What is Climate Controlled?
A. Unless you've used self-storage before, you may have never heard of Climate Controlled. In the storage industry, it is simply a space that is heated and cooled. Why is that important? Not all storage facilities offer 'Climate Control'. That means that your valuable items will not be protected from the weather elements. Most important, are the temperature swings that can wreak havoc on temperature sensitive items such as photographs, electronics, or antiques. Fort Knox Storage only offers Climate controlled spaces. Unheated storage may work in Florida, but here in Winnipeg, unheated only leads to mold and mildew. Heated and air conditioned storage, reduces the humidity in the air and keeps the temperature at safe, moderate levels. This ensures your belongings are protected against extreme temperatures and rapid fluctuations in the air, a common cause of damage and spoilage. Your personal comfort is also ensured. No matter what the temperature is outside, you stay comfortable moving as our Loading Bays are Climate Controlled as well! If it's raining or snowing or just too darn hot, you can pull inside our buildings and arrange inside your unit in comfort. Your best interests are most important to us, and we want to ensure the protection of your belongings at Fort Knox Storage.
Q: What Types of Storage do you Offer?
A. We offer Climate Controlled Storage Vaults, Outdoor Vehicle Storage and Containers
Our Storage Vaults are available in a variety of sizes and all climate controlled. These Vaults are available for home furnishings, as well as business or commercial storage for records or stock items.
Our Outdoor Vehicle storage is in a secured gated graveled compound. We accept RV's, boats, trailers, cars, trucks and buses.
Our Container Storage gives you an 8½ Foot Ceiling in a 8'x20' Solid Steel Container.
Q: What Type of Security Features do you Offer?
A. Fort Knox Storage offers a wide variety of security features including facility is monitored by DSI security. We have 24 Hour Video Surviellence, Solid Steel Fencing surrounding the entire facility and Dual inner and outer gates.
Q: What Unit Sizes Do You Offer?

A. Click on our 'Choose Your Size' Button to see our sizes. For Furniture Storage, 10x10 is our largest size, and for a reason. We believe you should only pay for what you need. If you have a lot of items, rather than give you a 10'x20' storage unit and you end up filling 3/4 of it, then end up paying for the whole thing.... We offer a better approach.

We will have you go into a 10x10, once that one is filled, then look at what you need to add to it. In this case, a 5'x10. Now you are paying for 10'x15' in space and that's all you needed. Another perk to this is with a 10x20, you only have 1 door for access. With the 2 rooms, you have 2 doors, just incase you need to find something AFTER you packed it all in.

If you need a 8'x20' Size and don't require Climate Controlled Storage, book one of our solid Steel Storage Containers. Large Enough for the Big Toys and Tools plus odds and ends!

Q: How long do I have to sign up for?
A. We offer month to month leases for storage vaults and month to month or annual leases for outdoor vehicle storage or Container Storage.
Q: Do you offer a mover?
A. Although we don't have movers at our facility, we can give you the names of a few local movers who will be happy to help you move in.
A. Yes, we have space for Boats, RVs, Commercial Vehicles, Trailers, Trucks and Cars. Give us a call and we'll be happy to show you. We also have Storage Containers that can accommodate most Boats or Collector Cars.
Q: Do you have outdoor storage for boats, RVs and other vehicles?
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Fort Knox Storage offers the best price in Winnipeg, with the highest attention to Service. Our Indoor Storage is offered in Clean and Climate Controlled Buildings with loading bays indoors. This way you load and unload your furniture for storage in Dry Heated Comfort. We have offered Furniture Storage in Winnipeg Manitoba since 1994. Our Biggest Advertisement is Word of Mouth! "My Friend told me about you guys" is the most common phrase we hear. Newly Added we now have 20' Long Container Storage. Store Your Tools or Your Toys! 8 ½ Feet wide and 8 Feet high, gives you pleanty of room to store your Jet Ski's, your quads or your Fishing boat AND have room for whatever else is cluttering up your Garage. These are New containers, so they are Clean, Dry and Secure. We also have a 3.50 Acre gravelled yard for Boat Storage, Trailer Storage, RV Storage, Car Storage or Truck Storage. We offer Vehicle Storage Year Round. You can store your Boat or RV with our Monthly Storage or our Year Round Storage. And again, you will find we offer the Best Price in Winnipeg, Manitoba for Storage Facilities Self Service.
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